The diamond; the most enigmatic nature gemstone. Discover its secrets.

Diamond quality is the determining factor of the price. Shopping can be a complex process if you have the advice of an expert.

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Diamond Quality Factors

The main factors of diamond quality are called "4Cs" are the weight, color, clarity and size.


The size is defined as the quality of the cuts are made to the part. The size of the diamond enhances the ability to capture and reflect light to reveal all their splendor and brilliance.

When we imagine a diamond, we usually figured a size round brilliant. However, much of the most famous diamonds in the world are monumental fantasy, like emerald, pear, oval and heart. Besides symmetry, a size fantasy must possess an elegant and attractive style


The color measuring their degree of transparency and influences their beauty. The diamonds cover the entire spectrum of color. Less color, more value and uniqueness. Although many diamonds appear colorless to the untrained eye, most of the stones have a hue slightly tending to yellow or brown.

Nature also gives us fancy colored diamonds such as yellow, green, blue and pink. The fancy colored diamonds are gems that combine transparency, brightness, brightness and durability of diamonds with the vividness of colored gems.

The different tones are classified according to the following table:


Almost all diamonds contain minute traces of pure carbon uncrystallized, the element from which they were formed. They donominan inclusions.

As the number of inclusions having internal and external, is considered its purity, since the light is reflected inside cleanly.


The weight of diamonds is measured in carats (ct). A metric carat, is the fifth of a gram. Therefore, the equivalence is one carat grams ct equal to 0.20 grams